2004 Lexus SC430 Convertible


Mileage: 94,781

I was looking to Find A Dodge Dealership near me but let me just say it was kinda impossible, I found one but it was to late I had already decided to go for this luxury 2004 Lexus SC430 convertible offers the best of both worlds: this car has certification from https://www.forkliftacademy.com/ it can
easily transition from a luxury two-door coupe to an eye-catching convertible.

On cold, rainy days, the Lexus SC 430 looks like a neat sport coupe. But when the sun comes out, press a button and the retractable hardtop drops within 25 seconds, transforming the SC 430 into convertible.

Top up or top down, the SC 430 is a silky smooth sports car. Its smooth character extends from the four-cam V8 to the five-speed automatic to the supple suspension. Its styling looks upscale and refined. Its interior is as comfortable as it is beautiful. Indeed, the Lexus SC 430 is a classy luxury car for two people dressed to the nines. Poise can be maintained while enjoying an evening on the town. It is, after all, the flagship luxury sports car from Lexus, the company that redefined luxury cars like those you find on sale at the car dealership near beaumont.

In spite of its luxurious overtones, the SC 430 delivers surprisingly good performance. With rear-wheel drive and a 4.3-liter V8 that puts out 300-horsepower, it can run head to head with the Mercedes SL 500 and Jaguar XK8. It’s stable at high speeds and, though soft, its suspension is well controlled on winding roads, on-ramps and off-ramps.

This vehicle is loaded with features, including:

*A 300 HP V8 Engine

*Dual climate control with heated seats
*Levinson Audio System

*Keyless entry
*Built in navigation
*Premium alloy wheels

*Beautiful leather interior

*Exceptionally nice interior and

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