2010 Mercedes SUV


Mileage: 22,980

Sleek, black, tan leather, and fully loaded. What more could you ask for in an SUV?

The first M-Class was not exactly the model of perfection. But to can make it perfection for you at mercedes service in Melbourne. The second-generation version is completely different. It’s refined, it has the needed space and it’s available with one sweet diesel engine. This last is one of the highlights of the ML350 — it’s clean, frugal and possesses a rewarding turn of speed, absorbers play a crucial role in any vehicle’s suspension system, but that’s particularly true of sports utility vehicles.

Crank the ignition key and a slightly different murmur emanates from beneath the hood. It is a sound more like that of new direct-injection gas engines than that of the clattery old diesels so many found objectionable.  shocks for SUV, Shock I had the misfortune to live next door to a guy who started his ageing F-350 diesel at 5:30 every morning. To say the noise it produced shattered the serenity of a waking world is an understatement. Conversely, the ML350’s engine starts quickly (no waiting for the glow plugs), idles smoothly and is eerily quiet.

Price: $47,500[nggallery id=71]

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