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A great advantage we have over other car dealerships is our sister company, Monteith Restoration & Performance (MRP), and if you have issues getting finances for this you could get a loan from to help you with this.  Starting out as a vehicle restoration company known for Porsche’s and Corvettes, they are fast becoming sought after for their work on high end vehicles. They have the technology and know-how to work on the most advanced engines of today. For more information, please visit their website


Choosing the right car for you

Cars tend to be extensions of our personalities, so you’ll probably gravitate toward cars that fit yours like an Audi or Mercedes. Most car buyers know what they don’t like, so that thins the field out some more, in example before making a choice I always check for an Audi luxury car in Columbus

Is having a green car important to you, or is safety your number one consideration? Be honest with yourself and what trade-offs you can handle. Is comfort and convenience important enough that you would drive a minivan, or would the stereotype of minivan drivers push you to a crossover SUV?

As for restoration we also manage to work with classic motorcycle, specially with Harley Davidson, Ducati and many more brands, find motorcycle brands, tips on riding, accessories, products, parts and more.

Fred grew up with cars and motorcycles, as his dad operated a used-car dealership in Lancaster, the nearby city where Fred has his endodontics practice. His interest in cars is quite diverse, ranging from classic VWs to performances cars. If you like classic luxury vehicles and you want to feel nostalgic check Automobilia

Classic Cars Restoration Process


Is from general knowledge that getting classical car models new, used on condition and even original replacement parts can be almost impossible. What once sounded like a futuristic fantasy is now a present day reality and is bringing classic cars of the past back to life. We are talking about the evolving technology of HI-TEK Manufacturing for metal custom replacement parts.

The rapid advancement of injection molding and 3D printing technology now makes it possible to re-create those near impossible parts to find. Materials like plastic and metal can be fed into these printers to produce parts to such high tolerances and to exact specifications just like they came out of the factory.

Without 3D printing the only option to create a new part would be to develop and tool them. Tooling a part is not cost effective. A manufacturer may have to produce and sell thousands of a certain part to recoup their money from that lengthy process, European spare parts in Sydney provides everything the cars need. With 3D printing you have the option of making just one part much faster and far cheaper.

Parts are created in virtual CAD software to get the exact shape and dimensions and the actual manufacturing of the part can now be made in a matter of hours. The parts will likely still have to be finished, chromed, etc., but the actual creation process can now be cut down to a matter of weeks, days or in some cases hours.



  • Complete engine rebuild
  • Fuel injection upgrades
  • Interior items including seats and door panels, headliner, carpet and gauges
  • Exterior restoration


  • Transaxle rebuild and upgrades (custom gearing)
  • Suspension packages
  • Turbo upgrades
  • Superchargers (factory installer for Turbo Performance Center)
  • Body upgrades
  • Full factory service


  • Bead blasting
  • Powder coating
  • Head rebuilding
  • Chrome and plating service
  • In-house machine shop
  • Complete service for vehicles
  • State inspection and emissions

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